Tank Environmental, Inc. offers complete and practical solutions to all underground fuel storage tank issues from permitting to decommissioning to soil remediation.

We will assess your site, sample your soil, and recommend and manage tank solutions. We will assure that the soil surrounding your tank is compliant with state standards. Our specialty is bioremediation of soils, a natural and non-invasive way to heal the earth surrounding your tank. We will help you maintain your property values, limit your liability, and protect our environment.

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What I do best:

I put myself in the client’s shoes and approach every project as if it was my own. I have found that the process of identifying an environmental problem on a particular piece of property can have a very unsettling emotional consequence: because it presents an unknown economic impact and will, in some cases, require “huge hole in the backyard” kind of activities. My strength is providing calm, practical guidance; I “hold my client’s hands” throughout an unfamiliar and sometimes overwhelming process. I have worked this way over the past seventeen years, and have successfully mapped out and executed mitigation activities to successful resolves. The task at hand, on most projects, is to define and document the problem, and then pursue the mitigation efficiently. My job is to assist in assembling and managing the appropriate resources – from legal counsel to dump trucks to biological remediation, with clear communication,responsible oversight and warmth.